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// Gregory B. Newby, Assistant Professor in the School of Information
// and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
// CB# 3360 Manning Hall, Chapel Hill, NC, 27599-3360  E:
// V: 919-962-8064 F: 919-962-8071  W:

Spring 2003 Office hours: 10:45 - noon Wednesday and by appointment

Laptop purchase: Unofficial Advice on Buying a Laptop
Research projects: Terascale Retrieval
On being paperless: Paperless Guidelines for academic and personal use.
Information Ethics and Hacker Ethics (several presentations):
  • The Hacker's Code, and Teaching hacker ethics from the HAL 2001 conference.
  • I was also a speaker and organizer at the Summer 2002 H2K2. A link to my H2K2 talks is here.
  • For North Carolina, there is a revised presentation online, part of my efforts with CPSR.
  • More generally speaking about information ethics, here's a presentation to the UNC-G ACM student group on information ethics in the curriculum
Short bio
Class page for INLS 80, Data Communication Networks (Spring 1999)
Class page for INLS 102, Information Tools (Spring 2001)
Class page for INLS 180, Human Information Processing (Fall 1999)
Class page for INLS 181, Internet Applications (Fall 2002)
Class page for INLS 183, Distributed Systems and Implementation (Fall 2002)
Class page for INLS 187, Information Security (Spring 2003)
Class page for INLS 382, Communication Seminar (Fall 1999)
Seminar page for INLS 379, TREC Seminar (Spring 1998)
Seminar page for IR Tools seminar (Spring 1999)

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